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Never use dog products for cats, except if directed by a veterinarian. Some dog products are very dangerous to cats. 

Our ONLINE STORE is up and running!  For your favorite medications, foods, and supplements delivered straight to your doorstep, please click on the following link:’s%20Creatures%20Moblie%20Veterinary%20Pr

A VARIETY of products are available at the mobile clinics.  We do NOT carry a FULL supply of any particular product, as there are SO MANY on the market.  If we do not carry your particular brand of medication, please get onto the ONLINE STORE and choose your items from the wide variety of products we offer online.

Rebates, coupons and AUTOSHIP are available for almost all of your pet’s monthly prescriptions!!! 

New! Bravecto is a topical to treat fleas and ticks for 3 months!  It is very effective, safe and easy to apply. Apply the dose to one spot on the skin (push back fur if necessary). Safe for kittens 6 months of age and older, and weighing more than 3 lbs. It costs $53 per application.

Cheristin new monthly flea topical for cats.  The active ingredient is similar to Comfortis and just as effective, but Cheristin is applied to the skin instead of being in a pill. Safe for cats 8 weeks of age or older. $15 per application, any size cat.

Revolution Plus :  An excellent combination monthly topical for preventing and controlling fleas, heart worm disease, ear mites, sarcoptic mange, round worm and hook worms in the GI tract , and ticks in felines.  Safe for cats 8 weeks of age or older that are >2.5# in weight.  Apply to cat’s skin.  Cost is from $20-23/ dose based on your cat’s weight, it comes in 3 sizes.

Tapeworm medication(Praziquantel):  For cats , $10 each dosing.  Repeat dosing needed in 3 weeks to kill the mature adult worms, and then every 3-6 months if your cat will be outdoors or repeatedly exposed to fleas or rodents.

Para-Defense (generic for Advantage II): Monthly topical to treat fleas. Use every 2-3 weeks if there is a severe infestation.  Safe for cats 8 weeks and older.   $15-$16 per monthly dose, based on body size.

Easy Spot Topical (generic for Frontline): Monthly topical to treat all stages of fleas ( egg, larvae, adult) and ticks.  Waterproof, NOT shampoo proof.  NON-TOXIC, NON-SYSTEMIC medication, stays in the hair follicle and on the skin surface attached to oil molecules. Safe for cats and kittens.  $15.25 per dosing.


Prices are subject to change

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