Online Store

  • Our NEW ONLINE STORE is up and running!!!! Please visit the following LINK for all of your pet care supplies and prescriptions!!  Prescription medications require medical authorization by a doctor.  All Food Shipment sales are FREE, which is a great perk!!
  • AUTO SHIP options are available for monthly heart worm, flea, and other necessary prescription medications. 
  • Manufacturer’s rebates and coupons are available ONLINE!! Take advantage of these special promotions!! 
  • We will not accept or approve ANY prescriptions to outside pharmacies like or PetMedsExpress, etc.  Since these pharmacies deal with DIVERTED and sometimes COUNTERFEIT products, we cannot ethically allow our pet patients to be put at risk to save their owner’s a few dollars.  Please COMPARE our online pricing and shipping fees and order your pet’s medications from a VETERINARY backed and approved pharmacy.  Your pet’s health and longevity is our biggest concern!!’s%20Creatures%20Moblie%20Veterinary%20Pr

If you cannot access the store online, than please either pick up the products at the mobile unit during scheduled vaccine clinics, or email to have products mailed to you.  You may also call the Pet Wellness Mobile Phone or TEXT us at (614)537-1322.    Please provide your Credit Card information and all pertinent mailing instructions if you place an order via email or phone/text.  We ship out orders on Tuesdays and Thursdays ONLY each week.

The easiest, fastest, secure way to order and pay for heart worm, flea, tick or other medications directly from our stock is the following link:’s%20Creatures%20Moblie%20Veterinary%20Pr

Never wait til you only have a few pills left to order!!! It’s best to call in when you have about a 10 day supply left of your current product to insure you get your new order on time!  If you have a tough time remembering to order your pet’s medications, consider the AUTOSHIP option when you checkout!! This is a great way to have your pet’s necessary medications shipped to you at the same time every month!!

Shipping and Handling Charges will be added to the invoice for your product based on your delivery needs.         

We CANNOT honor all of Dr. Gillum’s pricing on medications and products, as the way she ran her business is completely different than the way that we have to operate it now.  We apologize for this inconvenience, but we are honoring all of her Pet Wellness Vaccine Clinic pricing through the end of 2019 as a professional favor.  We offer affordable products and allow our clients to buy SINGLE doses to help your budget.                                                                                                           

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