FAQ About Vaccine Clinics Ending

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the Pet Wellness Mobile Veterinary Clinic will have its last vaccine clinic on July 28, 2019.  Dr. Gillum and her husband David are retiring and moving to east Tennessee to be closer to family.  We deeply regret the inconvenience this causes you.

We’d like to try to answer some frequently asked questions about the clinic closing.

Where can I take my pets for vaccinations and other wellness care after this?

There are a number of other low-cost veterinary or vaccine clinics in and near Columbus that you can take your pets to. We’ve compiled a partial list here on our website.  Please also consider taking your pets to one of your nearby full-service veterinary hospitals. They are probably less expensive than you think and they can provide excellent continuing care even for the more complicated health issues that sometimes arise.

Can I still purchase refills for heartworm prevention, flea/tick products, and other medications through Dr. Gillum’s online pet pharmacy?

Yes, definitely!  We will continue to operate our online pet pharmacy for at least another year so you can purchase flea and tick medications, refills of heartworm preventions and certain other refillable medications that were first prescribed by Dr. Gillum.  Some medications such as antibiotics and prednisone tablets cannot be refilled by us after the clinics end, because in order to prescribe these medications again a vet must examine the pet for changes from the original condition.   If you need a refill for a medication that can be refilled but is not listed in our online pharmacy, contact us and we may be able to order it for you.

How can I get a copy of my pet’s vaccination record?

We will keep all copies of pet vaccination records for three years after the date of service.  If you cannot locate your yellow vaccination record and need a copy:  contact us through the website, or email doc@wellness-vet.com or call the clinic phone number 614-537-1322 and leave a voice mail message.  Be sure in every message to provide your full name, your pet’s name and what information you need (and your email address if you are leaving a phone message).  We will then email a copy of the record to you.  We cannot provide any records instantly, but typically our response time will be under 48 hours.

We thank you for believing in us, for bringing your pets, telling your friends about us and for being with us all these years.

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