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URGENT UPDATE:  We will have NO MORE CLINICS AT TRACTOR SUPPLY stores after December.  Due to a corporate Tractor Supply Company directive, small independent pet vaccine clinics such as ours will not be allowed at any Tractor Supply store location after December, 2017.  

We were just told of this news November 13, 2017.  We have already published and sent out many calendars showing our Tractor Supply clinic dates in early 2018, which we will not be allowed to fulfill now.  So — I know there will be a great deal of confusion and frustration for our customers in January and February when we are not at Tractor Supply as scheduled.  I feel terrible about that.   We have diligently served our customers at these locations for  many years, but as a small family-run business we have been forced out with almost zero notice.   WE ARE STILL IN BUSINESS, THOUGH, AND NEED YOUR SUPPORT MORE THAN EVER.  See calendars below for our other non-Tractor Supply clinic locations, and know that we will be adding more locations in the spring.  Please check back at this website frequently for updates.  And please help us spread the word about these changes.   

Thank you! Dr. Karen Gillum