Check-in forms to complete ahead of the visit

Updated 8/2019

We are not computerized and we use duplicate carbon-copy type forms to document each visit.   Each visit requires a new check-in form to be filled out.

You can print and fill out the top portion of the forms at home. Fill out your name, address, phone number plus the pet’s name and description.

Our records system requires that we have two copies of each record.  This means we can only use a prefilled regular-paper form if you make a copy of it ahead of time and bring both copies to the clinic. 

Select the appropriate form below to print.  They are not “fillable” online.

Dog or puppy form – bring 2 copies

Cat or kitten form – bring 2 copies

  • These forms are updated periodically. Our current pricing applies even if an older form with different prices is brought in.
  • We need a separate pair of forms for each pet that will be receiving vaccinations.   If you are only buying medication refills or getting non-medical services then one form (plus the copy) is usually fine.
  • Remember when you are at the clinic we will help you determine which vaccines and other preventive care are appropriate for your pet!   If you have previous vaccination records it is helpful if you bring them, but if you don’t, that is OK too.
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