How Our Clinics Work

We are a local family-owned mobile pet vaccine clinic for dogs and cats. We make regular visits to various locations in Central Ohio.  We also provide additional wellness services including heartworm checks for dogs, feline leukemia checks for cats, deworming, microchipping, and selling of heartworm prevention and prescription flea and tick medications.

We do NOT use the mobile unit for anything other than VACCINE CLINICS and ROUTINE SURGERIES.  All sick, injured, emergency related cases must be seen at MedVet, Ohio State, Diley-Hill ER, or any other local vet with open office hours for you to visit.  DO NOT WAIT ON HEARING FROM US TO GET YOUR PET SEEN!! DURING AN EMERGENCY, MINUTES can make the difference between good outcomes and bad outcomes!!  Please see our list of Emergency Centers and Affordable Vet Clinics on our other page.

Please do not come early.  We are not staffed or prepared until the posted hours start.   Anyone in line 15 minutes prior to scheduled closing time will be seen, in order of turning in completed paperwork.   In general, the second half of most clinics is less busy than the first half.

We provide everyone a clipboard with paperwork that must be filled out EVERY VISIT.  It is very important that you fill out the form completely and legibly, including your car make and model so that we can COME get YOU when it’s your turn.   For figuring out what wellness care your pet needs, it is helpful if you bring previous vet visit records.   We can assist with determining what vaccines or other preventive care is important for your pet, based on previous records and on its lifestyle.  Note — we do keep a copy of each record, but our records ARE NOT COMPUTERIZED and previous records are not available to us at the clinics.

Tip: We are usually much less busy after the first hour or so of each clinic.

Step-by-Step:  How to be a happy “Pet Wellness Clinic” customer

  1. Bring your pet to the clinic that is most convenient for you, using our Calendar.
  2. For safety reasons, make sure your dog is on a leash ( NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES!!!), or your cat is in a carrier. Dr. Smith will not allow dogs to roam free.  You will be asked to sit in your car, or use an approved slip leash while you await your turn.
  3. Fill out paperwork. Every pet owner needs to fill out a form, every time. The form will ask for today’s date, pet owner’s name, address (with city and zip code), email address, phone number and the pet’s name, breed, color age, and weight.
  4. Turn in your paperwork, being sure it is as complete as possible!  Our friendly and helpful staff is happy to answer questions, make recommendations and help you figure out what your pet needs. We offer vaccinations for healthy dogs and cats of all ages, deworming,  canine heart worm blood tests, heart worm prevention and veterinary-only flea/tick prevention.  Pet nail trims are available for a fee.  There is no vet exam fee with vaccinations.
  5. Wait your turn IN YOUR CAR and be ready when you hear your pet’s name called.  BE PATIENT!!!The lines can be extremely long and it is a stressful situation for pets and people when this happens.  Complaining, being rude, or directing negative comments at employees that are providing you with this wonderful service is counter productive and may make us think twice about servicing your area in the future!
  6. Even though we work hard to keep people and pets from having to wait, most people wait at least a short time. We do PRIVATE housecalls during the COVID quarantine by appointment ONLY…a $20 housecall will be added to your low cost charges for vaccines, etc.  Pets are seen on a first-come-first-served basis.  If there is a line, it moves as quickly as we can facilitate it. Some people request EXAMS, so this takes LONGER than just vaccines.
  7. We will call your pet’s name and bring you into the vet truck to meet Dr. Smith, an experienced licensed veterinarian of 25 years.  Dr. Smith has owned and operated two successful veterinary hospitals in the Lancaster, Ohio area and is well trained in preventive health medicine, exotics, geriatric care, reproductive physiology, parasitology, dermatology disasters, and all kinds of soft tissue laser surgery and advanced dental techniques.
  8. We will double check with you what vaccinations and medicine your pet is receiving.
  9. Our staff might offer your pet treats, so please let us know if your dog is not allowed to have treats. Furthermore, our staff will carefully restrain your pet for vaccinations or other activities. This does not hurt the pet. If your pet is ANXIOUS, bites when stressed, or has AGGRESSIVE tendencies, WE NEED TO KNOW BEFORE we handle your pet!!! If we get bitten, we have to close down the vaccine clinic and file a REPORT with the Health Department. It’s a LOSE-LOSE situation for everyone involved, especially the poor soul whom gets bitten!!
  10. We can talk to you about the recommended flea, tick and heart worm medicine for your pet.
  11. Payment is due at the time of service. Payment is by cash or credit/debit card (Visa, MC, Discover).
  12. We will give you a bag that includes a calendar of our next locations and your yellow copy of the day’s record. This is your pet’s vaccine record.

  14. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU KEEP THESE YELLOW RECORDS with your important papers when you get home.  It’s helpful to us if you bring each vaccine record to future clinics.

We may refuse services if a pet or owner is vicious, uncontrolled or excessively disruptive.  We do NOT have the time or the extra hands to handle difficult patients.  Please RESPECT what we are attempting to do to help the masses!!!

We ask pet owners to respect the facilities that allow us to hold clinics onsite.

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