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Where will you be next? 

Check out our calendar. 

When is the best time to come? 

It’s ideal to come in the later half of the clinic. We tend to have a rush at the beginning.

How will my dog feel after vaccination?

Typically, they should feel fine. Depending on the pet’s breed, age, weight, health and the vaccine given, there is a chance of a vaccine reaction. It’s normal for pets to feel tired, not hungry, sensitive around the vaccination site or slightly feverish for a short time after vaccination. Contact us  by phone at 614-537-1322 if your pet is vomiting, severely swollen around the face, persistently coughing, has severely itchy skin (like hives) or has diarrhea. Your pet might need to see a full-service emergency veterinarian.

Should my dog stay on heartworm preventive year-round?

Yes, because heart worm disease is transmitted by mosquitoes which can survive sometimes year-round. It is possible to not give the heart worm pills during the winter. However, if your dog goes off heart worm medicine for longer than a month, we will have to do a blood test before re-starting the heart worm prevention pills.

Why does my puppy need multiple vaccines?

A series of vaccinations given to young dogs will helps develop their immune system. When a vaccine is given, a dog’s immune system makes antibodies that work against a virus or bacteria. A puppy receives antibodies from its mother but these maternal antibodies gradually decrease as the puppy gets older. It’s important for the puppy to create new antibodies to ward off disease. Multiple vaccinations will stimulate the puppy to produce its own antibodies




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