The Hidden Dangers of Buying Flea and Tick Medicines From Anywhere Other Than Your Veterinarian

Flea and tick medicine sold from a veterinarian is the most-effective and safest for your pet.
Flea and tick medicine sold from a veterinarian is the most-effective and safest for your pet.


It might be tempting when you’re buying your pet’s food to plop some flea and tick medicine into your cart too. But, buying over-the-counter flea and tick medicine like this can be a costly mistake. The best place to buy the most effective flea and tick medicine this summer for your dog or cat is from your local veterinarian.

See, when you purchase flea and tick products from your veterinarian, instead of in the store or online, you save yourself the aggravation of the product not working and wasting your money. Veterinarians are able to sell better products than what stores carry because they are trained, licensed professionals who love making pets happy.

So many people have spent a lot of money on over the counter flea products that simply don’t work. In some cases, the products are actually dangerous for the pet. By the time that people bring their pets to a veterinarian for help, funds are more limited because of money that was spent on the grocery store flea medicine and now the flea problem on the pet and at home is worse because it wasn’t stopped early.

At our low-cost mobile clinics we always find a way to work with people to get pets the most effective flea and tick protection they need.

Certain products, containing the ingredient fipronil such as Frontline, PetArmor, Sentry Fiproguard and many other generic “spot-on” topical products containing fipronil simply do not work very well on fleas in the Columbus area any more. The fleas have become resistant to this chemical. Because of this, we won’t sell any fipronil-based flea products. We also believe that most flea collars don’t work either, so therefore we don’t sell them. We sell the same treatments that we use on our own pets.

At Pet Wellness Mobile Veterinary Clinic, we have the latest, best-tasting, safest and most effective chewables for fleas and ticks for dogs. We have the same top quality flea and tick medicine for cats, but in a topical form. For any product you buy, be certain that the package says it is right for your pet’s age and weight. And as always, never use a dog flea and tick product on a cat. It’s not safe.

We don’t charge an exam fee to prescribe flea and tick products. We also stock the products we sell at all our clinics. No more waiting weeks for your medicine to arrive. Our prices on flea and tick products are very competitive because we want your pets to be safe, happy and healthy!

Stop by one of our clinics or send us an email to learn about what product would be right for your pet and your budget.

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