How do our clinics work?

Our mobile vet clinic is a little different experience than going to a traditional animal hospital. We offer wellness vaccinations, preventive care, and prescription medicine for dogs and cats in a low-cost quick-service environment.

Here’s what to expect when you come to one of our clinics:

  1. Check in: Find a friendly staff member (wearing scrubs) and they will hand you a clipboard with important paperwork to fill out.
  2. Fill-out:  Complete the pet owner’s information and pet information section on the top part of the form. If you know what vaccines your pet needs, place an X next to those. Note that these forms are carbon copies and the bottom yellow copy will be your record to take with you, so write neatly. If you have multiple pets, we ask you fill out one form per pet.
  3. Give Back:  Hand your clipboard back to a staff member. If you don’t know what your pet needs, we are happy to talk with you about our recommendations, based on your pet’s vaccine history, age and lifestyle.
  4. Wait:  Hopefully there won’t be too long of a wait but sometimes there can be a line, especially toward the beginning of a clinic. If you decide to leave the clinic, go inside the store, or wait in your car, please let a staff member know. Please understand that if we cannot locate you when it’s your turn, we may have to go onto the next pet in line.
  5. Your Turn: When it’s your turn, take your pet into the vet truck and if it’s a smaller pet, place them on the blue exam table.
  6. Double Check: We like to double check what vaccines we are giving or what the reason for the visit is.
  7. Restrain: For safety reasons, our staff members might restrain your pet. Please let us know if your pet is aggressive or has been aggressive in the past.  We also might give your pet treats. Let us know if your pet is allergic to any treats or is not allowed to have them.
  8. Procedures such as blood sampling and vaccinations will be performed.
  9. Medicine: If you need any heartworm prevention or flea and tick medicine, we can sell that to you.
  10. Payment: We accept cash and most credit cards. Payment is typically done at the end of your visit and usually inside the truck.
  11. Record: We will give you a yellow record of what your pet received. Please keep this for your records and bring it back with you next time you see us. If your pet received a rabies vaccine, your rabies tag will be stapled to your record and your rabies number will be written on your record.
  12. Thank you: We’ll help you and your pet safely get down the stairs in our truck and hope you come to see us again. We try to write down on the bottom left corner of your yellow record when your pet needs to come see us again.
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