Pet Wellness Mobile Veterinary Clinic

In our mobile veterinary truck, we provide low-cost vaccinations and medicine to dogs and cats in the Columbus area.


Welcome to the Pet Wellness Mobile Veterinary Clinic!

GREAT NEWS!   (cue music)  We’re so excited…!   To be back in Pickerington for monthly clinics.  On Saturdays May 5 and June 16 (more dates to come) we will be at Zettler Hardware (180 Postage Circle, off Hill Rd and just north of Kohl’s) from 9 AM to 11 AM.

Later the same days we’ll head north about 15 minutes away to the East side Straders Garden Center at 7141 E. Broad St. from 12-3.  Just pick the location and time that suits you best.  We may be changing up the clinic hours for these two locations for the following months, so keep checking here for updates.

Our upcoming clinics are Saturday and Sunday April 21 and 22.  See calendars below for details.   We are extending hours at our west side locations:  The West Side Straders Garden Center clinic (5500 W Broad St, Columbus, directly across from Tractor Supply) will now be from Noon to 5 PM, and the Touchless Express Car Wash clinics just a couple of miles north of there (5656 Renner Rd, Columbus) will be from Noon to 4 PM.

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard or Discover (no checks) at all of our clinics.  We also have our own online store (see link above) for you to have medications mailed to your home; all order are filled quickly by Dr. Gillum personally.

This year there are more pet vaccine clinics competing with us than ever, such as VIP PetCare and PetVets which are the same company.  Because we are an independent local family-owned business we have been forced out of all of our Tractor Supply locations, after so many years, by high-level Tractor Supply management.  Note – the individual Tractor Supply store managers have been very supportive and helpful to us, but they had no say in the decision either.  VIP PetCare/PetVets are a national big-business chain that charges much more than we do.  We hear more horror stories each week about their high prices, poor customer service and long waits (if they even show up).  Remember — and please tell your friends —  that we have been providing our pet vaccine and preventive health services in the greater Columbus area with the same veterinarian for over 10 years.  In addition to Dr. Gillum, we have several amazing, helpful, dedicated vet techs and vet assistants at every clinic.  We are 100% committed to continuing our clinics with great prices and services.   If you contact us through the website with your pets’ vaccination and preventive care needs, Dr. Gillum can provide a breakdown of how much you can save with us vs. VIP PetCare/PetVets.

Please check this website frequently for updates.  We are worth the extra effort to find us at our scheduled clinics.   

For more information about our clinics, keep scrolling down past the schedule.   Thank you! — Dr. Karen Gillum 

April w ext hrs

We are a low-cost, quick-service mobile vaccine clinic for dogs and cats in central Ohio.  We have been providing these services for 10 years in the Columbus area.  We are a local family-owned business.  At our clinics you will always see the same veterinarian, Dr. Karen Gillum, and the same friendly and helpful team members.

You can call our 24-hour automated information phone number 614-707-4680 any time to hear prerecorded clinic schedule/location information.

The Pet Wellness Clinics are for vaccinations, deworming, heartworm and feline leukemia tests, microchipping, flea prevention and heartworm prevention.

We do not see or treat sick or injured pets.  We do not have a veterinary hospital and we do not see pets except at the scheduled mobile clinics. We do not perform housecalls, euthanasia, surgeries, dental cleanings or grooming.

To contact Dr. Karen Gillum, email or leave a  detailed voice mail message at 614-537-1322.   Be patient as there may be a delay before we are able to respond to messages.

April w ext hrs


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