The Pet Wellness Mobile Veterinary Clinic is PERMANENTLY CLOSED,
effective 6/01/2020

We are deeply saddened to confirm that the Pet Wellness Mobile Veterinary Clinic has shut down permanently.


6/05/2020:  to order pet medication refills online go here:  FIRST ORDERS ARE 15% off!


Dr. Karen Gillum will review all pet medication orders.  Note that due to PWMVC being closed, the online pharmacy above is in a different business name, Traveling Vet of Tellico Village.

I cannot authorize prescriptions from any other source.  Dr. Smith is no longer in the continental U.S. and is not authorized to prescribe or sell anything to former customers, so please do not use online pharmacy links links she provided previously (All God’s Creatures).

We also now have Dr. Smith’s paper pet records from her 10-months ownership of PWMVC.  It is quite time consuming to find a specific record.   I must charge $10 to pet owners who request copies of the records already provided at the time of service.

To contact me for records lookup:  Phone or text 865-229-8800 (please leave voice message) or email    For additional information you can also see the clinic Facebook page (Pet Wellness Mobile Veterinary Clinic).


David and I started this business and worked very hard running it successfully and honorably for over 13 years. When we had to move out of state we sold Dr. Smith the whole business, effective Aug 1 2019.  Unfortunately I am not at liberty to discuss recent events involving Dr. Smith’s failure to fulfill the contract of sale she signed when we sold her the business.   We are out of state now, and unable to arrange for anyone else to buy the business.

Although we are not the ones responsible, we feel very sad about the impact the sudden business closing has on clients and pets. This is not how we ever expected things to turn out.

– Karen Gillum, DVM

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