Welcome to the Pet Wellness Mobile Veterinary Clinic!

 The schedule for upcoming months is below.

Our next clinics are October 21 and 22.

On Saturday the 21st we will start at Tractor Supply in Carroll (3700 Claypool Dr.) from 10-Noon, then in the afternoon will be at the Tractor Supply in Pickerington (12985 Stonecreek Dr.) from 1:30-4 PM.

On Sunday the 22nd we’ll be at the Touchless Express Car Wash and Pet Spaw in Columbus (5656 Renner Rd.) from Noon to 3 PM.

Note, there are no clinics the weekend of October 28!   Some previous calendars were wrong.

 For specific locations, please go to the Calendar tab.   For more information about our clinics, keep scrolling down!





We are a low-cost, quick-service mobile vaccine clinic for dogs and cats in central Ohio.

Click HERE to see the clinic schedule and locations.

You can call our 24-hour automated information phone number 614-707-4680 any time to hear clinic information including the schedule.

The Pet Wellness Clinics are for vaccinations, deworming, heartworm and feline leukemia tests, microchipping, flea prevention and heartworm prevention.

We do not see or treat sick or injured pets.  We do not have a veterinary hospital and we do not see pets except at the scheduled mobile clinics. We do not perform housecalls, euthanasia, surgeries, dental cleanings or grooming.

For shorter waits and better service we strongly recommend arriving after the first hour of each clinic.  Everyone will be seen if you arrive at least 20 minutes before the scheduled closing time. 

To contact Dr. Karen Gillum, email doc@wellness-vet.com or leave a  detailed voice mail message at 614-537-1322.   There may be a delay before we are able to respond to messages.   For clinic schedules, in addition to checking online, you can call 614-707-4680 any time to hear our pre-recorded schedule information.


We now stock the CANINE INFLUENZA (CIV) VACCINE. It is recommended if your dog is traveling to an area known to have cases of canine influenza – especially for dog shows or agility meets.   Currently (early summer 2017) there is an outbreak of the H3N2 type with cases reported in these states: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Louisiana, and Illinois.  So far it has not been reported in Ohio.

This vaccine protects against both canine flu types, H3N8 and H3N2.  2 initial doses of vaccine are required (3-5 weeks apart), then annual boosters. Cost is $32.

This can be a very serious disease in dogs. It is not known to be contagious to humans.