Our pet vaccine clinics are ending at the end of July, 2019

The online store will be continuing. For more information click below.


Welcome to the Pet Wellness Mobile Veterinary Clinic serving the Columbus Ohio area!

The next vaccine clinics are Saturday March 30 and Sunday March 31, both on the west side of Columbus.    

Saturday March 30  from Noon to 5 PM  we are at the west Columbus Strader’s Garden Center, 5500 W. Broad. St., Columbus (Galloway).   It’s directly across the street from Tractor Supply.  

Sunday March 31 from 12 to 3 PM we are at the Touchless Express Car Wash & Pet Spaw at 5656 Renner Rd., Columbus just southwest of Hilliard-Rome Rd. Meijer store.   This is on the west side of Columbus, near the southern edge of Hilliard, not far from I-70 Exit 91.

Blank vaccine clinic check-in forms are here if you prefer to fill them out before your visit and bring them (plus a copy) with you.  

We recommend you avoid the beginning of any clinic when it is busiest.  After the first hour or so the line almost always gets shorter.  We will see every pet that needs vaccines as long as they arrive within 15 minutes of closing time.  Note that because we are first and foremost a pet vaccine clinicin especially busy circumstances we reserve the right suspend doing nail trims until the line of pets needing vaccinations is shorter. 


Remember to use Dr. Gillum’s own Online Pet Pharmacy on this website!   Order from home 24/7 and have medications mailed to your home; all order are filled quickly by Dr. Gillum personally.

If you are bringing your dog in for its rabies vaccination, it may also be due for other important vaccinations.  Dr. Gillum can go over your pet’s history and lifestyle to select the vaccines your pet needs.

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard or Discover  at all of our clinics.

We are an independent local family-owned business in operation for over 12 years.  We truly appreciate your business.   We are proud to provide a reliable, convenient, cost-effective and friendly pet vaccine clinic experience.  

This website always has our current clinic schedule.

 Thank you! — Dr. Karen Gillum 





The Pet Wellness Clinics in central Ohio are for vaccinations, deworming, heartworm and feline leukemia tests, microchipping, flea prevention and heartworm prevention.

There are some important aspects of pet health care that we are unable to do:  We don’t have the facilities, equipment or staff to diagnose or treat sick or injured pets.  We do not have a veterinary hospital and we do not see pets except at the scheduled mobile clinics.  We do not perform housecalls, euthanasia, surgeries, dental cleanings or grooming.

Just a reminder that we only have PAPER records, not computers.  It is impossible to bring all old record copies to the vaccine clinics.  We have no staff to answer phones or send records during the week, but Dr. Gillum tries to respond to emails, voice mails and records requests in the evenings.  If you need your pet’s previous vaccinations with us looked up for any reason, you must contact us at least 2 days ahead of time by either email here or voice mail (614-537-1322:  Leave message with the person’s name that was listed as owner on the vaccination records; the pet’s name, what record you need and your correct email address.    Sorry but we unable to provide records on an urgent basis.

We respect and fully support what we call the “full service” veterinary hospitals in the area.   If they charge a bit more than us for certain things, it’s because their expenses are much higher — they have full-time highly trained vets and staff, and nice fully-equipped hospitals for all your pet’s more complex health care needs.

In addition to getting information from this website, you can like us on Facebook for notifications and updates.  You can also call our 24-hour automated information phone number 614-707-4680 any time to hear prerecorded clinic schedule information.

To contact Dr. Karen Gillum, email doc@wellness-vet.com or leave a  detailed voice mail message at 614-537-1322.   Be patient as there may be a delay before she is able to respond to messages.    For any pet health issue or concern that will require extended discussion and vet time,  you must bring your pet to one of our clinics for a paid ($25) vet consultation.

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